Cooking Classes

Welcome to the virtual video series, Cooking Up Confidence: Skills in the Everyday Kitchen, created for community use in South Carolina. The Spartanburg Food System Coalition has partnered with Chef N’Gai Dickerson, an American Heart Association-certified chef, to provide an opportunity for community organizations to be trained on how to teach basic cooking and nutritional skills virtually, focusing on the contents of a FoodShare box.

The purpose of these classes are to help participants gain confidence in their own kitchen and to give them the skills needed to create healthy, delicious meals most nights of the week. Preparing more healthy meals at home will help people increase their fruit and vegetable consumption and spend less money on eating out.

We have heard from the community that cooking and nutrition skills are a vital part of individuals being able to make the healthy choice the easy choice. This program gives community facilitators without a culinary background the ability to teach basic cooking skills within their communities. These classes are also meant to be a resource for families utilizing FoodShare.

Each video includes 5 components:

  • Food Safety
  • Cooking Methods
  • Cooking Skills
  • Food Storage Tips
  • Nutrition