Community Garden

Ruth’s Gleanings Community Seed Bank

Our mission is to diversify and strengthen the local food system by spreading seeds and sharing knowledge to empower a community of growers.

  • We educate and support community groups and gardeners looking to grow, save, and share seeds.
  • We redistribute locally harvested heirloom seeds to gardeners and farmers who turn those seeds into fresh produce and more seeds.
  • We grow and harvest seeds in our own community garden.
  • We store and protect deposited and donated seeds.

What are the benefits of starting a seed bank in our community?

  • Preventing the loss of genetic diversity and the disappearance of local seed varieties
  • Generating seed that is adapted to thrive in the soils and climate of our region
  • Increasing access to seed for all, but especially for first-time, low-income, and community-based gardeners
  • Educating our community on how to save seeds, and connecting them to our collective history of seed as a shared public resource
  • Strengthening our local food system and increasing food security, starting with seeds
  • Raising awareness and mobilizing actions around seed issues such as patenting and genetic engineering

To learn more about Ruth’s Gleanings Community Seed Bank, we invite you to view this video that tells more of the story:

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Ruth's Gleanings, a 501(c)(3) organization

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