Why Choose Us

Ruth’s Gleanings is different from other Food Bank organizations in that we primarily source healthy, whole foods, fruits and vegetables, and perishable prepared food. Our food is not put on shelves as it is consumed within a short period of time before being unusable. This food is sought for its nutritional value, not just because it is something nobody wants. Nutritional insecurity and deficits in the target population to be serviced is the primary concern we want to address.

Impact & Results

Ruth’s Gleanings has an impact in the community of Spartanburg in three major areas — social, environmental, and financial.


The collaboration of various businesses, organizations, churches, farmers, and schools has the effect of strengthening the fabric of a community. Also, obvious positive impact results when those in need are lifted up by being helped in areas they need it most. Bringing healthy food to those who are nutritionally insecure can change lives in multiple ways, including mentally, physically, and socially.


When 40% of the food produced is being thrown away, the environmental impact is very significant. Not only is this organic material filling up landfills, but the amount of natural resources wasted through production and transportation is staggering. We serve to redirect these resources in a way that makes the food supply more sustainable and at the same time reduces negative environmental impact by keeping what is procured out of the landfills.


Our financial impact is multifaceted in that we bring money savings to our food donors through their tax deduction, as well as the money saved through less disposal cost for them. We also bring a positive financial impact to our beneficiaries when we supply food to their organizations at no cost to them. Finally, the financial burden of the individuals that are ultimately served with this healthy food is alleviated to the degree that their food cost is less. The ultimate goal of better health through nutritious food is a benefit to the entire system as healthcare costs are reduced and lives are improved.

Ruth's Gleanings, a 501(c)(3) organization

FEIN 82-4277688

147 Chapel Street, Spartanburg, SC 29303